May 26, 2017

To all of our Team Godfather supporters,


In May of 2010, guided by our leader, Mike Ramirez a.k.a. “Godfather”, the Team Godfather Charitable Foundation was established with the expressed intent to raise charitable capital to fund ALS Research.

During the last seven years since we began our efforts to fund ALS research, life prolonging discoveries have remained difficult to achieve. However, because of the relentless ingenuity of the human spirit, events such as the “Ice Bucket Challenge” raised significant funds and helped to bring about worldwide awareness of the cruel and currently incurable disease that is ALS.

On a smaller scale, but no less remarkable, our Team Godfather Charitable Foundation completed our fundraising goal while also successfully sharing ALS awareness within our local community.

We achieved our goal of raising One Million Dollars within seven years.

And because of your enthusiastic participation at all of our Team Godfather Events, I am proud to announce that following our ‘Bike 4 Mike’ event this past March, our current total of funds raised exceeds $1,150,000.00!!! Every net penny of the funds we raised were donated not only to ALS research, but also to scholarships for high school seniors interested in pursuing a college education in a science related field as well as assistance for local ALS patients and their families.

Our tremendous accomplishment is a testimony to the wonderful community in which we live. We could never have achieved our goal without the commitment of all of you, our faithful Team Godfather followers, sponsors, donors, event participants, volunteers and devoted board members.

In our early developmental years, the Team Godfather Board of Directors chose to partner, as a fundraising affiliate, with the ALS Therapy Development Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

ALS-TDI is a non-profit ALS Research Institution which focusses 100% of its energy on finding a treatment and ultimately the cure for ALS.

To learn more about the research going on at ALS-TDI you can follow their efforts at

Now after seven years of commitment to our cause, and because of the phenomenal success of our record breaking Fifth and Final ‘Bike 4 Mike’…the Team Godfather Charitable Foundation Board of Directors voted to “Close the Shop on a High”…and thus we will write and send our Final $100,000.00 donation check to ALS-TDI.

I am forever grateful for the love and support you have genuinely shared with Team Godfather.

It has been a remarkable, enlightening and fulfilling seven years of community bonding. Thank you all, because of you…WE DID IT!!!

Peace and Love,



Greg Sacks