• Built by, and for, ALS patients in 1999
  • World’s first 501(c)3 non-profit biotech
  • Over $100 million raised for ALS drug development to date
  • Largest dedicated ALS research lab in the world
  • Global leader in preclinical drug screening for ALS
  • 15+ active partnerships with biotech/pharma
  • Currently enrolling clinical trial
  • Over 35 potential therapeutics in their research pipeline

Our Solution

Team Godfather believes that ALS is not an incurable disease, but rather an underfunded one. Since our inception in 2009 Team Godfather has raised close to $956,056, with a majority of those proceeds going to ALS Therapy Development Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We believe that when a cure is discovered for ALS, it will be because of the work done in this lab.